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Recombinant human ANGPTL7 / CDT6 Protein, His Tag, 1 mg (5x200µg)  

Recombinant human ANGPTL7 / CDT6 Protein, His Tag, 1 mg (5x200µg)

Recombinant human ANGPTL7 / CDT6 Protein, Gln 27 - Pro 346, expressed from human 293 cells (HEK293), His Tag

recombinant, human, ANGPTL7,CDT6 protein

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Angiopoietin-like 7 (ANGPTL7) is also known as Corneal-Derived Transcript 6 (CDT6), and is a secreted glycoprotein that is structurally related to the angiopoietins. It is expressed in the corneal stroma, trabecular meshwork, and sclera and is elevated in glaucoma aqueous humor. Recently, ANGPTL proteins, including ANGPTL-2, -3, -4, -5 and -7, are identified as growth factors in combination with SCF, Thrombopoietin, IGF-II and FGF acidic that enhance the expansion and engraftment of human and mouse hematopoietic stem cells.

Recombinant human ANGPTL7 protein, His Tag (AN7-H52H5) is expressed from human 293 cells (HEK293). It contains AA Gln 27 - Pro 346 (Accession # O43827-1).
Predicted N-terminus: Gln 27

Molecular Characterization
This protein carries a polyhistidine tag at the C-terminus.
The protein has a calculated MW of 39.0 kDa. The protein migrates as 32-35 kDa under reducing (R) condition (SDS-PAGE).

Less than 1.0 EU per μg by the LAL method.
>85% as determined by SDS-PAGE.

Lyophilized from 0.22 μm filtered solution in PBS, pH7.4. Normally trehalose is added as protectant before lyophilization.

Please see Certificate of Analysis for specific instructions.
For best performance, we strongly recommend you to follow the reconstitution protocol provided in the CoA.

For long term storage, the product should be stored at lyophilized state at -20°C or lower.
Please avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
This product is stable after storage at:
-20°C to -70°C for 12 months in lyophilized state;
-70°C for 3 months under sterile conditions after reconstitution.

Please refer to product data sheet.

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