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Coelenterazine, 1 mg  

Coelenterazine, 1 mg

Coelenterazine, synthetic, high purity bioluminescent substrate

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Coelenterazine or coelenterate luciferin is the substrate for a number of bioluminescent reactions, including those from the marine species Renilla, Aequorea and Watesenia. In some of these reactions it is utilized as a simple substrate being catalytically turned over in the bioluminescent reaction, while in others, such as in the photoprotein systems of Mneiopsis, it is incorporated as part of the photoprotein.

Coelenterazine, 1, 5mg:    order-no. COE-001, COE-005

Chemical Name:  2-[(4-Hydroxyphenyl)methyl]-6-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-8-(phenylmethyl)-imidazo [1,2-a] pyrazin-3-(7H)-one
CAS – No.:             55779-48-1
Formula:               C26H21N3O3
Molecular Weight: 423.5
Storage:   storage -20°C (upon arrival), Protect from Light. Keep under Inert Gas. Keep Calcium free when stored in solution.
Appearance:        Brown Solid
Solubility:             Slightly Soluble in Methanol or Ethanol. Avoid DMSO

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