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Olomoucine, 5 mg  

Olomoucine, 5 mg


inhibitor of cdc2/cyclin B, cdk2/cyclin A, cdk2/cyclin E, cdk/p35 kinase and ERK1/MAP kinase

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Background: Olomoucine is a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor that competes for the ATP binding site of the kinase. It selectively inhibits cdc2/cyclin B (IC50 = 7 µM), cdk2/cyclin A (IC50 = 7 µM), cdk2/cyclin E (IC50 = 7 µM), cdk5/p35 kinase (IC50 = 3 µM) and  p44 ERK1/MAP kinase (IC50 = 25 µM). It exhibits reduced sensitivity towards related kinases such as cdk4/cyclin D (IC50 > 1 mM) and cdk6/cyclin D3 (IC50 > 250 µM) and does not significantly affect the activity of other protein kinases at 1 mM. It arrests human fibroblasts in the G1 phase and is known to inhibit DNA synthesis in interleukin-2-stimulated T lymphocytes.

Chemical formula: C15H18N6O
Molecular weight: 298.4 g/mol
Purity: >98%
Appearance: White solid
Solubility: soluble in ethanol
CAS number: 101622-51-9

Also available predissolved at 10 mM in our CDK Inhibitor Set.

Product specific literature references:

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