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Roscovitine, 5 mg  

Roscovitine, 5 mg


Synonyms: CYC202
potent and selective CDK (CDK1, CDK2, CDK5) inhibitor

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Background: Roscovitine is a potent and selective inhibitor of cyclin-dependent protein kinases (CDKs). It is selective forCDK1/ CycB (IC50 = 0.65 µM), CDK2/CycA (IC50 = 0.7 µM), CDK2/CycE (IC50 = 0.7 µM), CDK3/CycE (IC50 =1.4 µM), CDK5/p25 (IC50 = 0.2 µM), CDK7/CycH (IC50 =0.5 µM), CDK9/CycT1 (IC50 =0.6 µM), but not for CDK4 or CDK6 (IC50 >100µM). The compound inhibits the proliferation of mammalian cell lines with an average IC50 of 16 µM and inhibits M phase promoting factor (MPF) kinase activity. Furthermore, PDXK was identified as a (R)-roscovitine-binding protein. Crystal structure analysis revealed, that interaction occurs with the pyridoxal – binding site rather than the ATP – binding site of PDXK. The effects of (R)-roscovitine on the catalytic activity of PDXK are rather limited.

Chemical formula: C19H26N6O
Molecular weight: 354.5 g/mol
Purity: > 97%
Appearance: White powder
Solubility: Soluble in chloroform, DMSO or methanol; moderately soluble in water
CAS Number: 186692-46-6

Also available predissolved at 10 mM in our CDK Inhibitor Set.

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