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5-Iodotubercidin, 5 µmol  

5-Iodotubercidin, 5 µmol

4-Amino-5-iodo-7-(beta-D-ribofuranosyl) pyrrolo[2,3-d]-pyrimidine  

Synonyms: 5-I-dTu, 7-Deaza-7-iodoadenosine
potent and specific inhibitor of ERK2 and adenosine kinase

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Background: 5-Iodotubercidin is a potent and specific inhibitor of ERK2 (Ki ~0.5 µM) and adenosine kinase (Ki ~30 nM). It has also been reported to abolish the accumulation of AICAR-5\'-monophosphate (ZMP) and thus inhibits the activation of AMPK.

Molecular weight: 392.2 g/mol
Appearance: light brown solid
Purity: >98% (HPLC)
Solubility: soluble in DMSO
Handling: Protect from light
Formula: C11H13IN4O4
CAS number: 24386-93-4

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