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H-7, 10 mg  

H-7, 10 mg

1-(5-Isoquinolinesulfonyl)-2-methylpiperazine . 2HCl

Synonyms: H7, H7 dihydrochloride, isoquinolinesulfonyl protein kinase inhibitor, inhibitor of PKC, PKA and PKG and MLCK, CAS number: 108930-17-2

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Background: H-7 is an inhibitor of protein kinase C (PKC), cAMP- and cGMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA and PKG) and also inhibits myosin light chain kinase (MLCK). It induces apoptotic DNA fragmentation and cell death and inhibits telomerase activity in treated NPC-076 cells.

Chemical formula: C14H17N3O2S . 2 HCl
Molecular weight: 291.4 + 73.0 g/mol
Purity: > 95%
Solubility: soluble in water
Appearance: powder
CAS number: 108930-17-2

Product specific literature references:

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