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Bisindolylmaleimide IX, 1 mg  

Bisindolylmaleimide IX, 1 mg

Bisindolylmaleimide IX, Methanesulfonate Salt

Bisindolylmaleimide IX (Ro 31-8220) is a ATP-competitive PKC inhibitor
Synonyms: Ro 31-8220, Ro31-8220, Ro 318220, Ro318220, BIM IX, BIM-9, Bis IX, CAS number: 125314-64-9


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Background: Bisindolylmaleimide IX (Ro 31-8220) is a selective and ATP-competitive PKC inhibitor with an IC50 of 10 nM, whereas the IC50 for the inhibition of PKA is 900 nM. The IC50 values for the inhibition of the group A PKCs range from 5-27 nM and that for PKCε is 24 nM. Ro 31-8220 inhibits growth factor-stimulated expression of MKP-1 and c-Fos but strongly stimulated c-Jun expression, even in the absence of growth factors. Ro 31-8220 strongly stimulates the stress-activated protein kinase JNK1 in a PKC-independent manner.

Chemical formula: C25H23N5O2S . CH4O3S
Molecular weight: 553.7 g/mol
Purity: >90%
Appearance: Orange to red microcrystalline solid
Solubility: Soluble in DMSO, ethanol and water
CAS number: 125314-64-9

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