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anti-CK2 alpha antibody, 100 µg  

anti-CK2 alpha antibody, 100 µg

Anti-human protein kinase CK2 alpha-subunit, murine, monoclonal IgG

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Murine, monoclonal IgG, produced against recombinant alpha-subunit of CK2. Affinity-purified IgG (protein A agarose). Specific to protein kinase CK2 alpha, epitope mapped to (319)MEHPYF(324). Lyophilized from PBS. Cross-reactivity (so far tested): Bovine, mouse, rat, hamster.


  • Western Blot Analysis: use at 2 microgram/ml
  • Immunocytochemistry: use at 25 microgram/ml


Product specific literature references:

Schmidt-Spaniol I, Boldyreff B, Issinger OG (1992) "Isolation and characterization of a monoclonal anti CK-2 alpha subunit antibody of the IgG1 subclass" Hybridoma 11(1):53-9

Nastainczyk W, Issinger OG, Guerra B (2003) "Epitope analysis of the MAb 1AD9 antibody detection site in human protein kinase CK2alpha-subunit" Hybrid Hybridomics 22(2):87-90

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