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Screening Set, 10x 50 µl  

Screening Set, 10x 50 µl

Please choose 10 kinase inhibitors from our library
predissolved in DMSO (10 mM)

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Set contains compounds which are predissolved in DMSO at a stock concentration of 10 mM in 50 µl . You can choose 10 items from the list below. When ordering please insert the ten compounds of your choice in the comment box (in ordering step 3 "check the order").

Ordering information: shipped on dry ice

The compounds are for non-clinical in vitro research use only and has not been approved for any other purposes including, without limitation, diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, and use in preparation of food or pharmaceutical products or for administration to humans or animals.


PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed for research purposes and can only be delivered to academic and business customers.