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JNK inhibitor VIII, 1 mg  

JNK inhibitor VIII, 1 mg


 potent ATP-competitive inhibitor of JNK1, JNK2 and JNK3

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Background: JNK inhibitor VIII is an aminopyridine-based compound acting as potent ATP-competitive inhibitor of JNK1, JNK2 and JNK3 (Ki = 2nM, 4 nM and 52 nM). Due to a different hydrogen-bonding network of these kinase ATP-site ligands a >1000-fold selectivity.
for JNK over other MAP kinases was achieved. The compound inhibited the phosphorylation of c-Jun, a direct substrate of JNK (EC50 = 920 nM).

Chemical formula: C18H20N4O4
Chemical Name:    N-(4-Amino-5-cyano-6-ethoxy-2-pyridinyl)-2,5-dimethoxybenzeneacetamide
Molecular Weight: 356.38 g/mol
Purity:  >95%
CAS no.  894804-07-0
Appearance:  brown solid
Solubility: Soluble to 100 mM in DMSO

Product specific literature references:
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