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GSK3 protein kinase inhibitor CHIR 98014, 5 mg  

GSK3 protein kinase inhibitor CHIR 98014, 5 mg


Synonyms: CT 98014
CHIR 98014 is a very potent, cell-permeable reversible inhibitor of GSK-3.

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Background: CHIR 98014 is a very potent, selective, cell-permeable reversible inhibitor of GSK-3α / GSK3β with IC50 of 0.65 nM/0.58 nM in cell-free assays, with the ability to distinguish GSK-3 from its closest homologs Cdc2 and ERK2.

Chemical formula: C20H17Cl2N9O2
Molecular weight: 486.31 g/mol
Purity: 98 %
Appearance: Light yellow solid
Solubility: Moderately soluble in DMSO
CAS Number: 252935-94-7

Manufacturer:  Axon Medchem BV

PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed for research purposes and can only be delivered to academic and business customers. 


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