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JAK3 protein kinase inhibitor CP 690550, 2 mg  

JAK3 protein kinase inhibitor CP 690550, 2 mg


Synonyms: Tasocitinib, Tofacitinib
CP 690550 is a Janus Kinase 3 (JAK3) inhibitor.

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Background: CP 690550 is a Janus Kinase 3 (JAK3) inhibitor with IC50 of 1 nM, 20- to 100-fold less potent against JAK2 and JAK1.  CP 690550 / Tasocitinib / Tofacitinib is an immunosuppressive agent exhibiting potent effects in preclinical transplantation and arthritis models; clinically safe and effective in preventing transplant rejection and improving symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.
This product is also available as its citrate salt form, Tofacitinib citrate.

Chemical formula: C16H20N6O
Molecular weight: 312.37 g/mol
Purity: 99 %
Appearance: White solid
Solubility: Soluble in 0.1N HCl(aq) and DMSO
CAS Number: 477600-75-2

Manufacturer:  Axon Medchem BV

PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed for research purposes and can only be delivered to academic and business customers.  


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