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MET protein kinase inhibitor SU 11274, 1 mg  

MET protein kinase inhibitor SU 11274, 1 mg


Synonyms: SU11274
ATP-competitive inhibitor of protein kinase Met

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SU11274 is a ATP-competitive small molecule inhibitor of the catalytic activity of Met kinase which exhibited a selectivity for Met enzyme versus a panel of other tyrosine kinases (Met IC50 = 0.02 µM, Flk IC50 = 1.3, EGFRI C50 = >100 µM, PDGFRβ IC50 = >20 µM, Tie2 IC50 = >100 µM, c-src IC50 = >10 µM, cdk2 IC50 = >10 µM,  FGFR-1 IC50 = 9.7 µM). Inhibition of the Met kinase activity by SU11274 led to time- and dose-dependent reduced cell growth and induced G1 cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.

Formula: C28H30CIN5O4S, Molecular Weight:  568.09 g/mol, Purity: 98 %, Appearance:  Orange powder, Solubility:  Soluble in DMSO 10 mg/ml at 60 °C. CAS Number: 658084-23-2

Product specific literature references:

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Product Citations:

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