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Src Inhibitor No.5, 5 mg  

Src Inhibitor No.5, 5 mg


potent inhibitor of c-Src

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Background: Src Inhibitor No.5 is one of several Src-inhibitor leads and belongs into the quinazoline class of selective inhibitors of c-Src with IC50 of 10 nM in vitro and 310 nM in Src 3T3 assay. It is a close relative of the better known c-Src inhibitor AZM 475271 and shares its in vitro potency against c-Src. It is more than 100 fold selective versus kinase-insert-domain-containing receptor tyrosine kinases (VEGF-R IC50=1,18 µM). Published structure activity relationship studies (SAR) on SKI 606, a Quinolinecarbonitrile-homologue of Src Inhibitor No.5 suggests that it may also inhibit the Abl-kinase with IC50 very similar to c-Src. Also, potent inhibition of related kinases Lck and Yes should be expected.

Chemical formula: C23H27ClN4O4 x 2H20
Molecular Weight: 497,05 g/mol
Purity: > 99%
Appearance: white solid
Solubility:  soluble in DMSO (0,1 M), freely soluble in acetic acid

Also available predissolved at 10 mM in our Src Family Inhibitor Set.

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Product Citations:

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