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Recombinant mouse FcRn/FCGRT & B2M Heterodimer Protein, His Tag&Twin-Strep Tag, , 1mg  

Recombinant mouse FcRn/FCGRT & B2M Heterodimer Protein, His Tag&Twin-Strep Tag, , 1mg

Recombinant mouse FcRn / FCGRT & B2M Heterodimer Protein, Ser 22 - Ser 297 (FcRN) & Ile 21 - Met 119 (B2M), expressed in human 293 cells, His tag, Twin-Strep tag (MALS & BLI verified)

Synonyms: recombinant mouse protein, FcRN, FCGRT & B2M, FCGRT&B2M, B2M, Beta-2 microglobulin, Fcr, Fcgr, fc gamma, fc receptor, Fc gamma receptor, Fc receptor

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FCGRT & B2M heterodimer protein (FcRn complex) consist of two subunits: p51 (equivalent to FCGRT), and p14 (equivalent to beta-2-microglobulin), and forms an MHC class I-like heterodimer. Fc fragment of IgG, receptor, transporter, alpha (FCGRT) binds to the Fc region of monomeric immunoglobulins gamma and mediates the uptake of IgG from milk. FCGRT possible role in transfer of immunoglobulin G from mother to fetus. Beta-2-microglobulin (B2M) is a component of the class I major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and involved in the presentation of peptide antigens to the immune system.

Recombinant Mouse FCGRT&B2M Heterodimer Protein, His Tag&Twin-Strep Tag (FCM-M52W2) is expressed from human 293 cells (HEK293). It contains AA Ser 22 - Ser 297 (FCGRT) & Ile 21 - Met 119 (B2M) (Accession # Q61559-1(FCGRT) & P01887-1(B2M)).
Predicted N-terminus: Ser 22 (FCGRT) & Ile 21 (B2M)

Molecular Characterization
Mouse FCGRT&B2M Heterodimer Protein, His Tag&Twin-Strep Tag, produced by co-expression of FCGRT and B2M, has a calculated MW of 32.9 kDa (FCGRT) and 14.7 kDa (B2M). Subunit FCGRT is fused with a polyhistidine tag at the C-terminus and subunit Beta-2 microglobulin (B2M) is fused with Twin-Strep tag at the C-terminus. The reducing (R) protein migrates as 42-48 kDa (FCGRT) and 15-17 kDa (B2M) respectively due to glycosylation.

Less than 1.0 EU per μg by the LAL method.

>95% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
>90% as determined by SEC-MALS.

Lyophilized from 0.22 μm filtered solution in PBS, pH7.4. Normally trehalose is added as protectant before lyophilization.

See Certificate of Analysis for details of reconstitution instruction and specific concentration.

For long term storage, the product should be stored at lyophilized state at -20°C or lower.
Please avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
This product is stable after storage at:
-20°C to -70°C for 12 months in lyophilized state;
-70°C for 3 months under sterile conditions after reconstitution.

Please refer to product data sheet.

Clinical and Translational Updates

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Please refer to product data sheet.

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