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Fc receptor proteins

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Fc Receptor Proteins 

The efficacy of a therapeutic antibody not only depends on the Fab fragment and its binding activity to the target antigen, but also depends on the Fc fragment and its interaction with key Fc receptors. The binding affinity of the Fc fragment towards FcRn (FCGRT&B2M) would predict the antibody’s half life, while that between the Fc fragment and FCGRIIIA (CD16a) would influence the antibody’s ability to elicit ADCC (antibody dependent cell mediated cytotoxicity). Hence, screening for desired binding affinity to these Fc receptors is an essential component in the development of a therapeutic mAb (monoclonal antibody).

We offer a comprehensive collection of recombinant Fc receptor proteins of different species (human, mouse, rat, cynomolgus, porcine) including their common variants.

FcRn / FCGRT & B2M

Fc gamma RIIIA / CD16a

Fc gamma RIIIB / CD16b

Fc gamma RIIA / CD32a

Fc gamma RIIB / CD32b

Fc gamma RI / CD64

CD23 / Fc epsilon RII Protein

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