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Protein Kinase Inhibitors

Protein kinase inhibitors - small molecule kinase inhibitors targeting protein kinases in varying conformational states and binding sites such as ATP binding pocket or allosteric sites.

  • AGC group inhibitors

    Inhibitors of protein kinases of the AGC family

    AGC group inhibitors - The term AGC kinase defines a subgroup of Ser/Thr protein kinases that, based on sequence alignments of their catalytic kinase domain, were most related to cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA), cGMP-dependent protein kinase (PKG) and protein kinase C (PKC). AGC kinases mediate diverse cellular functions  and dysregulation contributes to many human diseases including cancer and diabetes. offers small molecule inhibitors for scientific research on AGC kinases.

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  • TK group inhibitors

    Inhibitors for protein tyrosine kinases

    Tyrosine kinases can be classified as receptor protein kinases (EGFR, VEGFR, PDGFR) and nonreceptor, cytosolic  protein kinases (Src, Fyn, Yes). The enzymes are important mediators of signaling transduction processes including cell signaling, growth, and division. The category of tyrosine kinase inhibitors contains small molecules designed to inhibit the catlytic activity and signaling of tyrosine kinases.

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  • TKL group inhibitors

    Inhibitors for the Tyrosine like group of protein kinases

    The tyrosine kinase-like (TKL) group of kinases are a diverse familiy that resemble both tyrosine and serine-threonine kinases. The class comprises MLK, the Raf family, LRRKs, IRAK enzymes and RIP kinases. The category of TKL inhibitors included several selective and specific small molecule inhibitors.

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  • STE group inhibitors

    Inhibitors for protein kinase group STE

    This group of kinases consists of three main families (homologs of the yeast STE7, STE11 and STE20 genes) and are primarily involved in MAP kinase cascades. Ste7 family members directly phosphorylate dual specificity MAPK kinases (MKKs), Ste11 acts on Ste7 members and are called MAPK3s (MAP3Ks or MEKKs) while Ste20 members phosphorylate Ste11 kinases and function as MAP4Ks. offers selective small molecule inhibitors for STE family members.

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  • CaMK group inhibitors

    Inhibitors for Calcium and Calmodulin-regulated kinases

    The family of Calcium and Calmodulin-regulated kinases comprises enzymes, which are activated in response to elevations of intracellular Ca2+ and includes CaMK kinase (CaMKK) and its primary downstream substrates CaMKI and CaMKIV. The CaMK cascade also participates in cross-talk with other signal transduction processes and thus modulate e.g. MAPK pathways and PKA signaling. Furthermore, the kinase family includes e.g. MLCK, PIM kinases and DAPK.The category contains small molecule inhibitors selective and specific for CAMK kinases.


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  • CMGC group inhibitors

    Inhibitors for CMGC family of protein kinases

    CMGC family members are cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK), mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPK), glycogen synthase kinase (GSK3) and CDC-like kinases (CLK) and are still of prime interest in molecular cancer research. CMGC family inhibitors are potent and selective small molecules for scientific research.

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  • other protein kinase inhibitors

    other protein kinase inhibitors

    Other protein kinase inhibitors and protein inhibitors.

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  • natural compounds

    Natural compounds used as protein kinase inhibitors

    Natural products and natural derived synthetic agents explored as effective modulators of protein kinase activity.

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  • inhibitor sets

    protein kinase inhibitor sets

    Kinase inhibitor sets contains five small molecule inhibitors already dissolved in DMSO selective for a certain class of protein kinases. A selection of ten compounds as DMSO stock of our libary can be set as Screening set for scientific research. offers natural compounds and derived synthetic agents for kinase research as DMSO solutions.

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