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CAMKK2 peptide (NUAK2 derived), 1mg  

CAMKK2 peptide (NUAK2 derived), 1mg

CAMKK peptide substrate, derived from NUAK2

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The synthetic peptide LSNLYHQGKFLQTFCGAPLYRRR-derived from NUAK2 (NUAK family Snf1-like kinase 2) can be used as a substrate for CAMKK (calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase kinase).

CaMKK substrate peptide:    PEP-CAMKK2-001
Amino acid sequence.:          LSNLYHQGKFLQTFCGAPLYRRR
Molecular Weight:                  2,769.2 g/mol
Shipment conditions:             Ambient temperature
Long Term Storage:              -20°C (AVOID FREEZE/THAW CYCLES)
Purity:                                    >85% (HPLC)
Appearance:                         Lyophilized solid
Handling:    Reconstitution of 1 mg in 0.9 ml water dest. results in a 400 µM solution used in the CAMKK activity assay.

Product specific literature references:

Lizcano M et al. (2004) EMBO J. 232, 838-843.