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Ht31, 1 mg  

Ht31, 1 mg

23 amino acid peptide derived from Ht31

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Background: This peptide is derived from amino acids 493-515 of the thyroid protein Ht31 and is predicted to form an amphipathic alpha helix. This helical region of the Ht31 protein binds to the dimerisation domain of type II regulatory subunits of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA) thus localizing this enzyme to specific subcellular sites. A number of so-called A-kinase anchoring proteins (AKAP) for a specific targeting to subcellular compartments are known and all bind to the PKA regulatory subunits with a similar alpha helical motif. The Ht31 peptide competes with binding between PKA R-subunits and AKAPs and demonstrates that specific interaction occurs.

Molecular Weight: 2367.7 g/mol
Purity: 90% (HPLC, MS)
Appearance: Lyophilized white solid (TFA salt)

PLEASE NOTE: This product is designed for research purposes and can only be delivered to academic and business customers.

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