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CK2 peptide substrate, 25 mg  

CK2 peptide substrate, 25 mg

CK2 peptide substrate (sequence: RRRDDDSDDD)

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The synthetic peptide RRRDDDSDDD can be used as a substrate for protein kinase CK2 alpha subunit or holoenzyme in in vitro kinase assays. It is phosphorylated by CK2 holoenzyme with a Km of 50 µM.

CK2 substrate peptide:    order-no. PEP-CK2I-025
Amino acid sequence:      RRRDDDSDDD (10-mer)
Molecular Weight:            1264 g/mol
Shipment conditions:        Ambient temperature
Long Term Storage:        -20°C (AVOID FREEZE/THAW CYCLES)
Purity:                               90-95% (by HPLC)
Appearance:                     Lyophilized solid
Handling:                          Reconstitute in water dest.

Product specific literature references:

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Product Citations:

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