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p38 alpha substrate peptide (RRRLVEPLTPSGEAPNQK), 1 mg  

p38 alpha substrate peptide (RRRLVEPLTPSGEAPNQK), 1 mg

p38 alpha peptide substrate, RRRLVEPLTPSGEAPNQK


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The synthetic peptide RRRLVEPLTPSGEAPNQK can be used as a substrate for p38alpha kinase / MAP kinase 14 in in vitro kinase assays. Its sequence is derived from epidermal growth factor receptor (amino acids 643 - 656 of accession number AAH94761).

90 - 95 % (by HPLC)

Molecular weight
2048 Da

Lyophilized powder. Reconstitution of 1 mg in 245µl H2O dest. results in a 2 mM solution used in the p38alpha activity assay.

Package size: 1 mg

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