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8-pCPT-cGMP, 10 µmol  

8-pCPT-cGMP, 10 µmol

8-(4-Chlorophenylthio) guanosine-3',5'-cyclic monophosphate

selective activator of protein kinase G type I alpha, I beta and type II  and of cGMP-gated ion channels

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8-pCPT-cGMP is a selective activator of protein kinase G type I alpha, I beta and type II (cyclic GMP agonist) and of cGMP-gated ion channels. It has a higher activation potential compared to cGMP and an excellent cell membrane permeability as well as phosphodiesterase stability. This cGMP analog is a recommendable alternative to the widely used dibutyryl cGMP.

8-pCPT-cGMP:             order-no. PKE-8CPCG-010
Chemical name.:          8- ( 4- Chlorophenylthio) guanosine- 3', 5'- cyclic monophosphate
CAS No.                      51239-26-0
Formula:                      C16H14ClN5O7PS . Na
Molecular Weight:       509.8 g/mol
Purity:                         >97%
Appearance:             white solid
Solubility:                   water (50 mM), DMSO (250 mM), please rinse tube walls carefully and preferably use ultrasonic or vortex to achieve total and uniform mixing

Synonyms: 8-CPT cyclic GMP, 8-pCPT cyclic GMP, 8-CPT-cGMP, 8-pCPT cGMP

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