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Recombinant Biotinylated Human / Cynomolgus / Rhesus macaque CD28, Fc Tag, Avi Tag (Avitag™), active dimer (MALS verified), 25µg  

Recombinant Biotinylated Human / Cynomolgus / Rhesus macaque CD28, Fc Tag, Avi Tag (Avitag™), active dimer (MALS verified), 25µg

Biotinylated Human / Cynomolgus / Rhesus macaque CD28 Protein, AA Asn 19 - Pro 152, expressed from human 293 cells (HEK293), Fc,Avitag™, active dimer (MALS verified)

recombinant, human, biotinylated, protein, CD28,Tp44

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T-cell-specific surface glycoprotein CD28 is also known as TP44, is a single-pass type I membrane protein which contains one Ig-like V-type (immunoglobulin-like) domain. It is one of the molecules expressed on T cells that provide co-stimulatory signals, which are required for T cell activation. CD28 is the receptor for CD80 (B7.1) and CD86 (B7.2). When activated by Toll-like receptor ligands, the CD80 expression is upregulated in antigen presenting cells (APCs). The CD86 expression on antigen presenting cells is constitutive. CD28 is the only B7 receptor constitutively expressed on naive T cells.

Recombinant Biotinylated Human / Cynomolgus / Rhesus macaque CD28, Fc,Avitag (CD8-H82F2) is expressed from human 293 cells (HEK293). It contains AA Asn 19 - Pro 152 (Accession # AAH93698). In the region Asn 19 - Pro 152, the AA sequence of Human, Cynomolgus and Rhesus macaque CD28 are homologus.
Predicted N-terminus: Asn 19

Molecular Characterization
This protein carries a human IgG1 Fc tag at the C-terminus, followed by an Avi tag (Avitag™).
The protein has a calculated MW of 43.6 kDa. As a result of glycosylation, the protein migrates as 55-70 kDa under reducing (R) condition, and 110-130 kDa under non-reducing (NR) condition (SDS-PAGE).

Biotinylation of this product is performed using Avitag™ technology. Briefly, the single lysine residue in the Avitag is enzymatically labeled with biotin.

Biotin:Protein Ratio
Passed as determined by the HABA assay / binding ELISA.

Less than 1.0 EU per μg by the LAL method.
>95% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
>90% as determined by SEC-MALS.

Lyophilized from 0.22 μm filtered solution in Tris with Glycine, Arginine and NaCl, pH7.5 with trehalose as protectant.

Please see Certificate of Analysis for specific instructions.
For best performance, we strongly recommend you to follow the reconstitution protocol provided in the CoA.

For long term storage, the product should be stored at lyophilized state at -20°C or lower.
Please avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
This product is stable after storage at:
-20°C to -70°C for 12 months in lyophilized state;
-70°C for 3 months under sterile conditions after reconstitution.
Please refer to product data sheet.

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