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PKB/Akt substrate, 25 mg  

PKB/Akt substrate, 25 mg

Akt/PKB peptide substrate RPRAATF

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The synthetic peptide RPRAATF can be used as a substrate for protein kinase Akt/PKB in in vitro kinase assays. It is phosphorylated by Akt1/PKBalpha with a Km of 25 �M. Purity: > 97 % (HPLC). Molecular weight 818.0 g/mol. Form: solid.

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Alessi DR, Caudwell FB, Andjelkovic M, Hemmings BA, Cohen P (1996) Molecular basis for the substrate specificity of protein kinase B: comparison with MAPKAP kinase-1 and p70 S6 kinase. FEBS Lett 399:333-8.

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