Products for kinase and signaling research, Biaffin's online shop, supplies reagents, recombinant proteins and services for kinase research and exploring cellular signaling pathways.


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BIAFFIN is distributor of products from ACRObiosystems,
a manufacturer of recombinant proteins and antibodies.

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About our Shop: is the online shop and distribution platform of Biaffin GmbH & Co KG supplying research tools for kinase research and exploring cellular signaling pathways. Our range of products comprises recombinant proteins (protein kinases, phosphatases, cytokines), kinase and phosphatase inhibitors, substrates, kinase and phospho-specific antibodies and bioluminescence assays for quantification of cellular ATP concentrations. All our products are intended for in vitro research use and can be delivered to academic and business customers with adequate skills and professional background only. We do not supply private customers!

About Biaffin:

Biaffin is a biotech company located in Kassel (Germany) specialised in providing analytical services for kinetic validation of any pair of interacting molecules using biosensors based on surface plasmon resonance (SPR, Biacore). Our range of services includes performance of biochemical and enzymatic assays and assay development for medium to high throughput binding assays based on bioluminescence, microfluidic mobility shift, SPR or FP.

Our KINASCREENTM service provides you detailed kinetic analysis of small molecule inhibitors binding to protein kinases using Surface Plasmone Resonance (SPR).

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ACROBiosystems is a cornerstone enterprise of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Our mission is to help overcome challenges with innovative tools and solutions from discovery to the clinic. We supply life science tools designed to be used in discovery research and scalable to the clinical phase and beyond. By consistently adapting to new regulatory challenges and guidelines, we deliver solutions, whether it comes through recombinant proteins, antibodies, assay kits, GMP-grade reagents, or custom services. We empower scientists and engineers dedicated towards innovation to simplify and accelerate the development of new, better, and more affordable medicine.
Our way of addressing challenges in biologics development is to offer a comprehensive array of tools and solutions designed for each development phase. Starting from discovery and development and moving beyond commercialization, we strive to deliver high quality solutions that support each step of the development process. This means bringing together innovation and technology through product development and collaborations to help our customers achieve results that are translatable into the clinic and beyond.