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anti-Akt1 /PKB alpha antibody, Ser473, 100 µg  

anti-Akt1 /PKB alpha antibody, Ser473, 100 µg

Affinity purified monoclonal anti-Akt1/PKB alpha

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Product Description: affinity purified mouse monoclonal antibody, purified by the goat anti-mouse IgG affinity chromatography
Antigen:  synthetic peptide corresponding to amino acids 461-477 of human PKBα/Akt1
Species Reactivity: for Akt (human, mouse, rat)
Host: Goat
Background: Protein kinase B or Akt (PKB/Akt) is a serine/threonine kinase, which in mammals comprises three highly homologous members known as PKB alpha (Akt1), PKB beta (Akt2) and PKB gamma (Akt3). PKB/Akt is a growth-factor-regulated protein kinase which contains a pleckstrin homology (PH) domain. Binding of phosphoinositide 3-OH kinase products to the pleckstrin homology domain results in translocation of PKB/Akt to the plasma membrane where it is activated by phosphorylation by upstream kinases including the phosphoinoside-dependent kinase 1 (PDK1). Key roles for this enzyme can be found in cellular processes such as glucose metabolism, cell proliferation, apoptosis, transcription and cell migration.

Formulation: Lyophilized from 1.2 % sodium acetate, with 2 mg/ml BSA and 0.2 mg/ml NaN3.
Reconstitution:  For rehydration reconstitute in 1.2% sodium acetate or neutral PBS. If 100 µl of PBS is used, the antibody concentration will be 1 mg/ml. 
Applications:  Western Blot (WB)
Working Dilutions:  Antibody dilutions should be based on tissue type and expression level. 

  • Western Blot Analysis: use at 0.25-0.5 µg/ml


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