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Checkpoint Proteins

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Immune checkpoint proteins

Checkpoint proteins - Immune checkpoint pathways involve both costimulatory and inhibitory proteins. The costimulatory receptors transduce signals to promote immunity against pathogens. The inhibitory receptors, on the other hand, negatively regulate T-cell activation to prevent excessive inflammation.

In recent years, immune checkpoint proteins have attracted increasing attention due to their involvement in cancer development. Often times, tumor cells can hijack the checkpoint pathways to avoid attacks from the immune system.

Therefore, many believe that disabling immune checkpoints would help re-engage the body’s immune system to fight against cancers. Intriguingly, anti-CTLA4 and anti-PD1 monoclonal antibodies have already demonstrated anti-tumor effect in patients with a variety of malignancies. Encouraged by this early success, researchers have expanded their investigations into other checkpoint proteins in order to find better ways to treat cancer.

To support these efforts, an exclusive immune checkpoint protein collection was developed. These products have demonstrated consistent and excellent performance in a variety of assays.

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