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8-CPT-cAMP, 100 µmol  

8-CPT-cAMP, 100 µmol

8-(4-Chlorophenylthio) adenosine-3',5'-cyclic monophosphate

lipophilic activator of both cAMP- and cGMP- dependent protein kinase

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8-CPT-cAMP is a lipophilic activator of both cAMP- and cGMP- dependent protein kinase. It has a higher activation potential compared to cAMP and excellent cell membrane permeability, improved phosphodiesterase stability and high site selectivity preferring site B of cAMP-dependent protein kinase type II.  This analogue is not selective but activates cGMP-dependent protein kinase as well. In addition, it increases basal cGMP level by inhibition of PDE V.

8CPT-cAMP :         order-no. PKE-8CPCA-100
CAS No.                93882-12-3
Chemical name.:    8-(4-Chlorophenylthio) adenosine-3',5'-cyclic monophosphate
Formula:               C16H14ClN5O6PS . Na
Molecular Weight:     493.8 g/mol
Purity:                   >98%
Appearance:        white solid
Solubility:              water (50 mM), DMSO (75 mM) Please rinse tube walls carefully and preferably use ultrasonic or vortex to achieve total and uniform mixing.

Product specific literature references:

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Sandnes D, Jacobsen FW, Refsnes M, Christoffersen T (1996) "8-bromo-cAMP and 8-CPT-cAMP increase the density of beta-adrenoceptors in hepatocytes by a mechanism not mimicking the effect of cAMP" Pharmacol. Toxicol. 79(1):15-22

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Product Citations:

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