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Recombinant human CDK3/CycE, active protein kinase, 10 µg  

Recombinant human CDK3/CycE, active protein kinase, 10 µg

Reombinant human Cyclin-dependent kinase 3 in complex with cyclin E1, (CDK3/CycE), active enzyme

Alternate names: Cyclin dependent kinase 3, cell division protein kinase 3/Cyclin E1, CCNE1, G1/s specific cyclin E1, CDK3, CycE

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Cdks are the catalytic subunits of serine/threonine protein kinases which are involved in the progression through the cell cycle. The catalytic activity of these kinases requires interaction with cyclins, which are synthesized and degraded during the cell cycle in a cyclical fashion. CDK3 associated with Cyclin A, Cyclin C and Cyclin E, participates in the G1-S progression by binding to E2F-1, E2F-2, or E2F-3 through DP-1 and by enhancing their transcriptional activities.

Human cyclin-dependent protein kinase CDK3, coexpressed in complex with Cyclin E1. Active protein expressed in Sf9 insect cells and purified as fusion protein by affinity chromatography. Molecular weight based on amino acid sequence 63.9/72.0 kDa (fusion proteins). Specific activity 112,000 pmol/mg x min (filter binding assay).

Entrez Gene ID: 1018/898 
UniProtKB:  Q00526/P24864

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